Meet Vera the Vet Student

This is Vera. She is a vet student. Vera used to be a super-dooper public servant but she got bored and decided there was more to life than the Qantas business lounge, unlimited Bikram yoga, green tea lattes and a six-figure salary. So she quit her job, sold her house and moved to Ipswich in the hope of studying Veterinary Science at UQ Gatton in 2018. As her friends and family pointed out, it probably would have been helpful to know whether she had been accepted first (especially before moving to Ipswich), but Vera could not be deterred. She figured if she didn’t get in to vet school, she will build chicken coops and sell them online instead (look out for The Great Urban Chicken Project’s IPO). She is the first to admit, though, that she really does miss people doing her filing and booking her travel.

Vera spent 2017 busting her guts to get good marks in all the required pre-requisite subjects, including maths, chemistry and biology. Now that she’s in, Vera credits her future career as veterinarian to The Idiot’s Guide to Basic Maths and Pre-Algebra. Without it, there’s no way she would have passed Foundation Maths. Fear not, cats and dogs of the world! Vera can recognise a Fibonacci Sequence and unscramble a polynomial. (Most pets would probably prefer she prioritise finding a suitable alternative to using rectal temperature to indicate ill health, but instead she knows that ponytails swing in quadratics when she runs).

Vera in zen pose
Vera acting zen as she waited to hear if she had been accepted into vet school

Learn more about Vera and the aims of Vet School…Unplugged! here.

2 thoughts on “Meet Vera the Vet Student

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  1. Great beginnings Vera… fingers crossed for place acceptance and then Vera can really blossom! Waiting for next exciting episode!


  2. Oh Vera, I love your humorous writing :). What amazing determination you have had. I hope you feel alive on your new journey. I admire your drive and courage to live your dream life.


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