Vera’s OMG moment

Vera is growing increasingly agitated. On more than one occasion, she has experienced an “OMG, what have I done??” moment while walking her dog down the main street of Ipswich.

Today’s OMG moment went something like this: stinking hot day, dog dragging his feet, lightening preparing to strike and barbecue Vera at any moment and hungry rottweilers trying their very best to bash through their fences to eat Vera’s labrador alive. Along the main street, two unsavoury characters lope towards her. The cross-eyed, buck-toothed one trips over his own feet and his companion struggles to extend his arm over his beluga-belly to help his mate out. Both dissolve into fits of hilarity and Vera’s dog stares at her, unimpressed.

Now, Vera is all very aware of social disadvantage and can empathise with those less fortunate than herself (although, if she’s honest, she really does like animals quite a bit more than people). But sometimes it feels like swimming against a king tide of the great unwashed. The ‘pockets of civilisation’ that the real estate agent promised Vera seem to be experiencing a dead zone and are clearly not receiving adequate oxygen to sustain life. Either that, or they’ve all flown south for the winter to escape the life-sucking heat.

Maybe after 5 years in Ipswich, Vera will look back and shake her head fondly. Maybe she will be so enlightened by the transformative experience of living in Pauline Hanson’s electorate that she is forever changed, unlikely though that may seem. For now, Vera will continue to suffer through her private (except for the global public who read her blog) “OMG, what have I done??” moments, hoping that it will all be worthwhile when she gets an offer for vet school on 16 January.


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