She did it! Woop, woop!

Vera is delighted to report that she did it!! All those gruelling hours hunched over Campbell’s Biology trying to sort out her lambda bacteriophages from her Bluescript plasmids have paid off. Last Tuesday, QTAC kindly sent Vera a letter offering her a place in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) at The University of Queensland’s Gatton campus (not a second before 8:30am).

As in previous years, the course cut-off for entry in 2018 was unforgiving with an OP (Overall Position) of 1 and a selection rank of 99. Not all eligible applicants within this band received an offer due to quota restrictions. Eek.

Whew! Vera had been pretty sure she was destined for the scrap heap but somehow she managed to sneak across the line. In case they had made a mistake, Vera immediately accepted her offer, signed up for classes and paid her Student Amenities Fee. She was pretty sure they couldn’t rectify their error after that.

To celebrate, Vera and her friend, Freelove Hix, dusted off the martini shaker (okay, got it out of the sink and rinsed it) and fixed themselves some cosmopolitans. Feeling chuffed with herself, Vera is now on the hunt for a copy of the second Village Vets book so she can freak herself out about what she’s in for before the semester starts. Shout out to ABC Shop (@ABCShop) or Anthony Bennett and James Carroll (@villagevetsaus) – in case you’re feeling charitable, Vera the (now poverty-stricken) Vet Student will gratefully accept paperback donations! She promises to provide a thorough book review afterwards. (Impartial, of course, but with a sub-title like Calving Straps and Zombie Cats, Vera’s pretty sure it’s her kind of tail tale).

Vera can’t wait to share with the world all the upside-down and inside-out experiences she has as a vet student over the next five years (#watchoutpets!). Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or by subscribing to the blog.

Peace, Love and Paws!

Peace, love and paws!

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