Macabre scenes from a film noir…

Vera’s first book for vet school has arrived!

To be frank, there’s not much in there that Vera can confidently identify as being of earthly origin.

See Exhibit A, B and C.

She tried turning the book clockwise and even put on her 3D glasses that she’d kept from last time she watched Godzilla at the IMAX theatre. No joy.

While the Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy contains gothic scenes reminiscent of a film noir compilation she once watched at an arthouse cinema in the 90’s, Vera is sure she’ll soon be able to tell a parasagittal plane from a transaxial plane (without asking for an upgrade).

3 thoughts on “Macabre scenes from a film noir…

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  1. So glad Vera has a strong stomach! Looks like it will be an additional prerequisite ( not previously mentioned ) for the study of Vet Science!
    Certainly on the “gore” meter though!

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