Could Vera have found her clinical calling?

Vera is intrigued. Many of these sea slugs look to have more personality than a lot of the characters she encounters on a daily basis (especially, if she’s truthful, at several notorious train stations on the way from Ipswich in to the city).

Take the Nembrotha cristata, for example, artfully described elsewhere as a mix between a small llama and an 80’s sweater.

Nembrotha cristata
Image credit:

Or this little guy, which looks remarkably like Shaun the Sheep.

Sea sheep
Image credit:

Or Vera’s personal favourite, the Pyjama Sea Slug, hailing from the Red Sea.

Pyjama sea slug
Image credit: Sinai Divers Backpackers

Despite being cheerfully willing to secrete toxic chemicals with alarming regularity (also like some people she knows), these creatures would not be out of place at Carnivale in Rio. At the very least, they are an excellent source of inspiration for fancy dress parties.

Vera wonders whether the veterinary profession has given sea slug medicine the attention it deserves. Could she have found her clinical calling so soon?

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