Meet Bevan, Vera’s long-suffering life mate.

Bevan is very much in Vera’s good books, ever since he presented her with a cryptic birthday gift yesterday – a quarter of an apple. It took a while for the penny to drop, but when it finally did, Vera was beside herself with joy. As all those close to Vera know, her 7-year old laptop no longer cuts the mustard. Vera raced around selling shares to fund the rest of the purchase, despite it being one of the worst days on Wall St in a long time. And so, Vera and Bevan are pleased to welcome a brand new MacBook Pro into the family!


Vera and Bevan met in an exotic foreign port 13 years ago in a terribly romantic setting where  belugas blew bubbles, otters did backstroke and seagulls stole hot chips. They lived in a tiny apartment, courageously fought wild animals on road trips and frequented the dingiest bars in the city (there were lots). Vera eventually convinced Bevan to move to Australia where they have enjoyed a fabulous life together ever since.

Now that Vera is a vet student, Bevan’s household responsibilities include:

  • Cooking for Vera – Vera cleverly selected someone useful in the kitchen
  • Providing an ever-changing biomedical canvas for Vera to practice on – Vera’s chocolate labrador seems faintly irked by her poking and prodding and is also quite unhelpful in that he is healthy and injury-free. Bevan, however, provides endless opportunities for Vera to make unusual medico-veterinary observations and to practice her clinical and surgical skills
  • Listening to Vera prattle on about how awesome it is to be a veterinary student – this includes enduring tales of how fortunate she feels to have the opportunity to express the anal glands of dogs, restore the prolapsed uteri of cows (yes, that is the plural) and perform ultrasounds on goats. Sometimes all in the one day!
  • Forgiving Vera when she traipses muddy gumboots through the house – and for smelling ‘organic’ after a day of field pracs
  • Picking up the tab for alcohol – and not moaning or asking awkward questions when wine mysteriously goes missing some nights
  • Being eternally patient and understanding that Vera does not know how to use a mop – and letting her skip off to the gym instead of insisting she learn

In anticipation of all her future hysteria and indiscretions when the study load ramps up, Vera would like to issue a blanket apology to Bevan. Vera is grateful for all Bevan’s support and his endearing habit of supplying her with a steady stream of coffee and Baileys when she is stressed.

Keep up the good work, Bevan.


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