Vera survived her first week of vet school!

Good news! Vera is still a vet student, having survived her first week of veterinary science at UQ.

She managed to show up at the right place at the right time for all her lectures and is yet to draw attention to herself by asking spurious questions in class. Vera also thinks she might just have understood almost everything she’s learned so far.

Other key achievements and highlights include:

  • Discovering a new fashion accessory – the cat brooch! Turns out that if cats are not handled correctly during clinical examinations, they will claw up your clothes and cling on to your chest, back, hair or anything else they fancy. As a consequence, it is good to be familiar with the “towel wrap” method for use with uncooperative cats. Vera learnt this the hard way in her animal handling prac.



  • Learning (and remembering) the names of at least 15 new people she met at the Vets for Life camp last week! That is surely some kind of record for Vera.
  • Perfecting the “fecal float” and “blood smear” techniques in the lab for the purposes of identifying nematodes and other parasitic critters under the microscope. Thank you to the horse, sheep and camel that donated samples.


  • Realising that even vets have to start right at the bottom. This became clear when Vera was given a broom and mop and directed to clean out the cat and dogs cages at the Clinical Studies Centre. Bevan had no sympathy and rabbited on about the fact that chefs also start by scrubbing pots, peeling potatoes, yadda yadda yadda.


  • Realising that vets and vets-in-training must spend most of the day on their feet, something that Vera is not used to. To atone for his earlier smart Alek remarks and insensitive attitude, Bevan was required to rub Vera’s aching feet.


Tomorrow, Vera gets to learn all about amoebas! Sometimes, even she is startled by how much such things excite her.

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  1. Glad to see Vera has the brain space to update us with news of her first week.. what furry adventures! Just one thing… Vera’s mother is surprised she knew which end of the broom and shovel were appropriate for the cleaning out job.. knowing how much experience she has had in janitorial duties!


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