Hello world! I’m Vera and I’m a vet student. My aim with Vet School…Unplugged is to chronicle the trials and tribulations of five years of vet school at UQ Gatton. Many people dream of becoming a vet, so this blog will document the good, the bad, the smelly and the scary – but also the exhilarating and the inspiring. Raw and, well, ‘unplugged’. I hope it’ll help current and future students to better understand what it means to study veterinary medicine in Australia and thereby help them decide whether this path is for them.

Also, if you want to keep your friends and family up to speed with what you’re going through at vet school – suggest they come along for the ride by following as well. That way, you won’t have to fill everyone in on the boring stuff like and instead you can focus on coming up with savvy answers to questions like, “My guinea pig has a cough, do you think he has furballs?” or “My goldfish just swallowed a rock, can you get it out?” and “My dog needs his anal glands expressed, would you like to come over for tea and lamingtons?”

I hope you enjoy Vet School…Unplugged – I welcome your feedback on the blog and ideas for posts. Happy reading!

Peace, love and paws,



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