The top 10 things Vera is freaking out about before she starts vet school

While she's hardly a basket case, Vera's over-active imagination is making her jittery. After all the blood, sweat and tears to get in to veterinary science,  it is now time to fret about something new and fresh. Friends, family and acquaintances may roll their eyes, but Vera is sure other veterinary students (especially first years)... Continue Reading →

She did it! Woop, woop!

Vera is delighted to report that she did it!! All those gruelling hours hunched over Campbell's Biology trying to sort out her lambda bacteriophages from her Bluescript plasmids have paid off. Last Tuesday, QTAC kindly sent Vera a letter offering her a place in the Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) at The University of Queensland's... Continue Reading →

Tired of waiting

Vera is now tired of waiting.  She has painted her toenails blue, rearranged the martini glasses and crocheted a new tea cosy.  She is fresh out of frivolous tasks to occupy her mind. There are still TWENTY-ONE HOURS to go until offers are released.

Vera’s OMG moment

Vera is growing increasingly agitated. On more than one occasion, she has experienced an "OMG, what have I done??" moment while walking her dog down the main street of Ipswich. Today's OMG moment went something like this: stinking hot day, dog dragging his feet, lightening preparing to strike and barbecue Vera at any moment and... Continue Reading →

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